• To provide you with up to date, top-quality information, training and educational materials on the topics of Broker Price Opinions and how to automate your BPO and REO Business.


"Nobody has more knowledge and expertise when it comes to Broker Price Opinions than Nicole Ocean. She has a broad, comprehensive view of the industry, coupled with a deep technical grasp & solid regulatory knowledge of the industry that is simply unparalleled. I'm very well connected in the real estate industry, and to the best of my knowledge she is the #1 expert on BPO's in the United States."

Tim Ventura

Vice President / Marketing Director for Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching

"Nicole has been nothing but phenomenal to know. Aside from her ability to guide professionals through very complex issues like BPO's and automation with macros, her character as a person is a perfect 10. 

Anyone who ever gets a chance to meet Nicole soon realizes that this is a person who is passionate about what she does and that she also happens to be one of the most giving people you'll ever meet. To have that wrapped up in one and then be able to gain expertise from her training is priceless (which is ironic because her pricing is always so affordable!)" 

Daniel Waterman

CEO of NFSTI - REO Training & Nationwide Conferences

"As someone new with BPO's, I'd really like to thank you for the way you direct me on how to stay on the right track and clarify those so important and at times confusing issues while preparing these reports. My colleague Wendy was so right on the money when she so highly recommended you as a BPO authority and guidance. Thanks again Nicole!"

Gabriel Gandelman, Real Estate Agent

Kalga Enterprises, Inc.

Los Angeles, California

"The webinar presentation and information was more than I expected......I have been in the real estate industry for 20 years and have completed BPO's for several banks for the last 15 years.  I truly enjoyed  your webinar titled "Doubled Your BPO Income." The breaks in between and information, stats, Q&A, was very thoughtful and shows you work within our industry. I think it is so refreshing to have one of our own present the BPO/REO material from Realtors prospective. I am looking forward to signing up to use your software."

Francine Williams, CDPE, GRI, Associate Broker

Global Advantage Realty

Hyattsville, Maryland

"There is an old saying; most of us hear it a lot.  It goes like this- “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true”. With all the get rich buzz and scams around today it is hard not to be skeptical.

I am here to tell about one amazing exception to this rule.  Some time ago I half-heartedly spent a small sum on money (a couple hundred dollars I guess) for Nicole Ocean’s introductory information about performing BPO’s for steady income. She sent me some great information.  I began emailing and writing all the contacts she provided.

And then, an amazing thing happened. I started getting orders for BPO’s, first a few, then more than I could handle!  Then, a more amazing thing happened… a steady stream of checks in the mail on a regular basis!! I now have a solid income that comes to me through email notification. Make no mistake; it is hard work.  But, I work from home, at my own pace. 

Stop worrying about where your next RE deal will come from!

PS: My next steps are automating the process with BPO Automation Group, and then to hire 1 or 2 assistants for data input.

Thank you Nicole, after 20 plus years as a corporate sr. manager, you have given me the freedom I always wanted."

Dana Allen Hunzelman, Real Estate Consultant

Century 21 Cooper & Associates

West Broadway Derry, New Hampshire

"Greetings! I am very thankful to have met you through one of your previous students, who is now a successful BPO & REO agent here in the East Bay Area. Taking your complete 2 week personalized course was the best thing I needed to jump-start a new career in BPO & REO. I immediately felt comfortable that learning your system was a perfect formula to succeed because you have unselfishly shared the secrets to getting started in this field.

Every completion of our conference call has increased my knowledge & skill in developing the right mind set. Your simplified & systematic approach helped focus my attention to the important details for organizing, preparing & developing the tools required.

I am now more confident than ever after being armed with your training to aggressively seek the business as BPO vendor & REO preferred agent for the institutions concerned especially with your continued support. Once again thank you for the abilities you possess as an effective educator. Many more need to benefit from your educational skills & knowledge, & rest assured that I am more than happy to be a reference to any of your future students. I am proud to have you as my mentor."

 Joseph Tanos, Realtor® in Concord, California

"I have had the opportunity to be trained by Nicole Ocean for Broker Price Opinions. In addition to being intelligent, diligent, professional and articulate, Nicole has an innate kindness and integrity. I found Nicole's teaching style to be exceptional. She was easy to understand, thorough and well organized. As an attorney and real estate agent, I certainly feel Nicole Ocean is more than qualified for the position."

 Melissa & Glenn K. Realtors® in Bloomington, Minnesota

"Just want to thank you for your assistance and instruction in setting up the BPO portion of my business, and the basic how to's from A-Z.

What's more, your accessibility to questions, prompt attention to students, and hands on is highly professional and most appreciated.

I love knowing you are there should a question arise that I am unable to answer. The Best to you in '09."

 Judy B. Realtor® in Scottsdale, Arizona

"I signed up with several BPO companies on Sunday night figuring I'd have plenty of time to get up to speed, I found three orders in my email Monday morning, so I needed to hit the ground running. I selected Nicole's training program because it looked like the most straight-forward, no-nonsense and comprehensive tool I could find, and it was. With Nicole's invaluable training materials, and Nicole herself answering questions (by phone and email), giving me personal experience tips and reassuring support, I got functional quickly. Now I'm working on implementing all the other "how-to's" Nicole provides to make sure I organize and run my business the right way too. Thanks Nicole!"

 Pam W. Realtor® in Pinetop, Arizona 

  Updated: 11/23/2019