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NABPOP's BPO Standards and Guidelines:

BPO University is a full supporter and advocate for BPOSG. (BPO Standards and Guidelines). Within the "Broker Price Opinion Basics 101" course that is offered by the BPO University, the BPOSG is taught and incorporated into the content and material of the class. The BPOSG was put together by the BPO Standards Board (Permission granted by NABPOP and the BSB Standards Board).

Within both the accredited and non-accredited versions of the 'Broker Price Opinion Basics 101' course we cover the BPOSG in great detail. To learn more about the BPO Standards and Guidelines, simply click on the image or link listed below.

Check out the Latest Version of the BPOSG:

"The standards portion dictates what a BPO practitioner must do such as ethics and conduct, disclosures, proper application of techniques etc… Guidelines are best practices and/or procedures that are widely accepted, yet allow for flexibility in application." (Permission granted by NABPOP and the BSB Standards Board).

"The guidelines contained in BPOSG allow for flexibility in order to meet a diversity of requirements that are needed throughout the valuation industry." (Permission granted by NABPOP and the BSB Standards Board).